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MAP Engineering Services provides professional Project Management, Construction Management, Contract Support and Administrative Support with our staff of experienced talent. We can support a project from its conceptual phase through to close out. Engineering Services becomes your strategic partner through retaining and training professionals who continually serve clients.

Our solution provides your company with the following services.

  • Onsite qualified professionals dedicated to your project.
  • Management of these professionals resulting in a quality uniform group.
  • Project development assistance in determining feasibility, pricing and scheduling.
  • Administrative support for your project, including custom reports and web-based project tracking for “real-time” status reports.
  • Contract support for managing project costs.

Offers a solution that combines all of your suppliers into a single invoice, single supplier relationship.

Creation, maintenance and verification of documentation on every one of your independent contractors.

Our approach is to become your long-term partner, knowledgeable of your products and processes. We maintain confidentiality, listen to your needs and earn your trust. You’ll find us flexible, creative and dedicated. Your company will benefit from our expertise and resources to meet your required project deadlines and budgets.

Select one of these services to learn more about our Engineering Services solution.

Construction Management

Construction Management

In addition to having a highly qualified construction management team with decades of cumulative experience, our team priorities the safe execution of your construction project. We take into account federal and local OSHA safety regulations, as well as your own organizations safety procedures to create an end result and a process that you can truly be proud of. Our construction management representative acts as your advocate and implements a seamless connection between your operation, engineers, and contractors.

Construction Manager Responsibilities:

  • Job Site Safety
  • Professional on the Job Site
  • Project Schedule and Budget
  • Quality of Installation and Productivity
  • Minimization of Disruption to Plant Production
  • Completion of Punch List
  • Project Close-Out

Contractor Consultant ColsolidationContractor / Consultant Consolidation

Management Alliance Programs (MAP) solves one of the greatest challenges facing large companies today – how to effectively manage the ever-growing list of contractors and consulting firms providing services to them. MAP's comprehensive Contractor/Consultant Consolidation solution combines all of the above-mentioned supplier into a single relationship with Management Alliance Programs.

The processing of invoices and the negotiating and ongoing monitoring of contacts from these service providers is a very time consuming task. It generally leaves little time for managers to focus on more pressing issues. The fact that small suppliers can often represent a tax and benefit exposure to a company can only future complicate the issue.

MAP's Web based Contractor/Consultant Consolidation solution assure on-going monitoring of contractual relationships including such critical elements as Intellectual Property and Non-Disclosure agreements. In addition, MAP's expertise in evaluating independent contractor relationships helps address any potential tax and/or benefit exposure that may in this area, allowing you to outsource your 1099 risk.

  • Outsource your 1099 risk.
  • Create a single supplier relationship with real-time reporting.
  • Effectively manage small corporations/independent contractors through a web-based solution.

Independent Contractor ConsultationIndependent Contractor Consultation

Management Alliance Programs (MAP) is an industry consultant that helps companies address the inherent tax and benefit risks associated with the use of consultants, returning retirees, and 1099 independent contractors. MAP has developed comprehensive solutions to help client companies met these challenges. Solutions include the evaluation of worker status, on-going education and training, file documentation and maintenance, pay rolling services, and a customized True Partner Program.

  • Evaluation of Worker Status – Industry experts will assist clients in determining whether their 1099 independent contractors and other small suppliers are, in fact, independent in the eyes of the law.
  • Education and Training – MAP provides on-going training and support to managers and staff on properly engaging independent contractors, temporary staff and on avoiding worker misclassifications issues.
  • File Documentation and Maintenance – MAP builds and maintains files on every legitimate independent contractor a company utilizes. These files become an important element of a defense strategy should your company face an employment tax audit.
  • Payrolling Solution – MAP offers a professional solution for workers who need to be payrolled through a third party.
  • True Partner Program – The MAP data management system tracks and retains information on highly skilled professionals previously sourced by your company. This allows manages to search for skilled workers with previously spacerproven track records with your organization.

Industrial Continuous Improvement Solutions

Industrial Continuous Improvement Solutions

In today's economic landscape, companies are scaling back more than ever on non-essential expenses. Our competitive pricing structure and twenty plus years of manufacturing experience make us an exceptional choice for food and beverage companies looking for continuous improvement solutions and support for their quality and manufacturing teams.

U.S. manufacturing budgets are often over-funded by as much as 35% to cover for poor quality, inefficiencies, waste and variation realized throughout the supply chain. MAP Engineering, in collaboration with Insight Analysis will help your organization recover budget excesses to be redeployed for capital use or to be used simply to improve business profits. MAP Engineering provides a recovery (savings) assurance commitment.

  • Process Optimization
  • SMED
  • Material In/Out Balancing
  • Minitab Training
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Asset Reliability
  • Process Capability
  • Process Mapping
  • Waste Watcher Training
  • Gage R&R

  • Process Variation Reduction
  • Green Belt Training
  • Weight Variability Management
  • Gap Analysis
  • Labor Optimization
  • OEE Improvement
  • Designed Experiments
  • Labor Survey/ Work Sampling
  • Startup Evaluation

Project ManagementProject Management

Our project management team can provide you with everything from project development assistance in determining feasibility, pricing, and scheduling on the front-end to implementing a project more quickly and profitably. Our team has hundreds of successful projects under its belt. We are well versed in local and national regulatory issues and have relationships with governing agencies that can prove necessary for project success. Our team can assist you in increasing the competition amongst bidders for your work, as well as the negotiation. From site visits to bid meetings, our team operates in conjunction with yours.

Project Manager Responsibilities:

  • Project Scope Management
  • Feasibility, Financial and Schedule Supervision
  • Awarding Contracts
  • Tracking Project Progress
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Completion of Punch List
  • Project Close-Out
  • After Project Assessment
  • Analyze and Manage Bid Process
  • Negotiate with Contractors

Project Support

Project Support

MAP Engineering Services knows that bringing in projects successfully, on time, and on budget, requires attention to detail on the administrative side as well as the technical side. Our Project Support Services provide you with custom reporting, web based project tracking and scheduling, and real time status reports, to name a few. These services keep our clients and key decision makers abreast of all the details, and allow the technical staff to focus on what they do best. Our Project Support Services will provide you with much more timely insight into the success of your project than a traditional account or IS team can provide. These services can be provided in conjunction with our Management Services or can be provided independently.

Project Support Responsibilities

  • Contact for the Local Engineering Office
  • Subcontractor Coordination Assistance
  • Processing and Tracking of RFI's
  • Preparation of Bid Packages for Distribution
  • Project Schedule Updates
  • Preparation and Distribution of Meeting Notes
  • Procurement Support
  • File Organization
  • Technical Writing
  • Manual Preparation for Terms and Pricing
  • Management of Change Orders
  • Ensure Compliance and Internal Audit for Contract-Related Documents

Third Party Management Responsibilities:

  • Coordination and Management of Independent Contractors and Subcontractors
  • Liability Insurance Coverage Certification
  • Errors and Omissions Coverage Certifications
  • Oversight of Complete Project
  • Complete Scope of Project Invoicing, Billing and Payroll
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